Emergence (2019) Season 1 480p HDTV All Episodes

Emergence is an American mystery-themed thriller drama television series,
A police chief on Long Island’s Peconic Bay takes in a young child whom she finds near the site of a mysterious accident, but soon discovers that the girl has no memory of what has happened or who she is. The child’s mystery becomes more intense than expected when the chief starts investigating the history that led up to the accident and the questions of how and why it happened. A series of bizarre electronic disruptions, unexplained forces and a strange cryptic symbol are also at play, all of which are related to the young girl

IMDB Reating : 6.8

Download Emergence (2019) Season 1 480p HDTV All Episodes

  1. Emergence (2019) S01E01 – Download 
  2. Emergence (2019) S01E02 – Download
  3. Emergence (2019) S01E03 – Download
  4. Emergence (2019) S01E04 – Download
  5. Emergence (2019) S01E05 – Download
  6. Emergence (2019) S01E06 – Download
  7. Emergence (2019) S01E07 – Download
  8. Emergence (2019) S01E08 – Download
  9. Emergence (2019) S01E09 – Download
  10. Emergence (2019) S01E10 – Download
  11. Emergence (2019) S01E11 – Download
  12. Emergence (2019) S01E12 – Download
  13. Emergence (2019) S01E13 – Download (Season Finale)

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