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Pose is an American drama television series. Set in the 1980s, “Pose” is a dance musical that explores the juxtaposition of several segments of life and society in New York: the ball culture world, the rise of the luxury Trump-era universe, and the downtown social and literary scene. Blanca forms a “house,” a self-selected family that provides support to LGBTQ youth who have been rejected by their birth families. Damon is a dancer who joins Blanca’s house. Together, they compete in the balls — where house members challenge each other in various categories and are judged on their outfits, attitude, or dance skills — against Blanca’s former house mother, Elektra. Pray Tell is Godfather to the children who compete in the balls. Angel is a streetwalker who develops feelings for a new client, Stan, who has a loving wife, Patty. James Van Der Beek co-stars as Stan’s boss, Matt.

IMDB Reating : 8.6

Download Pose Season 3 480p HDTV All Episodes

  1. Pose S03E01 – Download
  2. Pose S03E02 – Download
  3. Pose S03E03 – Download
  4. Pose S03E04 – Download
  5. Pose S03E05 – Download
  6. Pose S03E06 – Download
  7. Pose S02E07 – Download
  8. Pose S02E08 – Download (Season Finale)

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