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You can request tv series here and we will trying to upload it. For Request TV Show, Please put your request on comment below. don’t put comment on another post. because its make me hard to find it. Thank you.

Note: Please Don’t Comment broken link report on this page. Thank You

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  1. Can you please Upload Brave and Beautiful The Turkish show which is dubbed in Hindi and please upload in Hindi Dubbed not in Urdu or Turkish


    I’ll really Appreciate if you reply and tell me that you can do it or not

  2. Hello guys from, can you please upload the following:
    *Unforgotten from 2015 (Season 1 to 3, 24 episodes)
    *The Hundred Code (alternative spelling 100 Code) from 2015 (1 Season, 12 Episodes)
    *Killing Fields from 2016 (3 Seasons, 24 Episodes)
    *The Principal from 2015 (1 Season, 4 Episodes)

    Thank you so much! Your work and effort is highly appreciated.

  3. Plz plzzzzz plzzz add “And Then There Were None” tv show. It’s quite famous idk why u guys haven’t uploaded it yet

  4. A number of series are currently airing on ITV in the UK: Deep Water & Sanditon

    Series Dublin Murders is on the cards, but has not been aired yet – looks good tho.

    Also, what has happened to My Life Is Murder? Stopped uploading… waiting for eps 106.

    Thanks for a wonderful site.

  5. Glitch from 2015 has appeared back from the dead (i had thought that was where it was) for a season 3.
    a great show though only 6 episode short seasons. HEY, TURN OFF THE ADs IN THIS SECTION, IT’S DAMN ANNOYING and slows your server even more

  6. Hello could you upload the series (The Game)
    From BET) and also fix subtitles for episodes of cc
    Of cocaine coast…only episode 1 comes with the
    The subtitles….

  7. Could you add the british show The Fall and season 5 of the animated series Avengers Assemble please. Thanks

  8. Are you getting around to SEASON 3 OF Download Easy Season 1-2 Complete 48a0p All Episodes AS IT WAS RELEASED IN MAY THIS YEAR or is it a BUST

  9. I think people would enjoy a Canadian cop show called “Rookie Blue”. I noticed you didn’t have it, so I suggest adding it to your list. Awesome website! Keep up the great work!

  10. Hey man if you’re going to keep such a long process of going through various checkpoints and links then at least get rid of the hidden ads which open multiple other pages just for clicking anywhere on pages.

  11. Game of Thrones Season 7 480p HDTV 150MB All Episodes mana link nya.. google drive nya kosong boss..
    please reupload.. thanks

  12. You’re Awesome! Can you please upload some reality shows like Love and Hip hop Atlanta Season 1 on your awesome site? Thank you for your hard work. 🙂

  13. thank you so much for uploaded queer as folk
    can you upload for season 5 please
    once again Thank you for the admin and the members


    Are they all corrupt that really they are killing their own existence?

  15. Where is episode 2 of EMERGENCE 2019 or is it tonight and I have tracked it elsewhere by luck, and where is its comment box to ask you.

  16. Hi! The Handmaid’s Tale season 1 doesn’t work (says error 404 not found once I click the google drive link). Can you please fix/update it? Thanks for your website!

  17. A month before i was able to download THE MENTALIST
    but now your links are not working
    Do something n make it work

  18. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 14 is out now for a week with episode 2 just available. When may we see any of it

  19. Can you please upload “The Lair” its a series from 2007 about vampires, it would be so much appreciated if you could.

  20. Hey, Could you plz fix the good place season 4 episode 1?!! The link is set to the good place subscene site. Thx

  21. Pl. upload “The Middle” all seasons’
    “Leverage” all seasons needs to be re uploaded as final reply is”nothing found on this server”.
    My previous comments or request is not at all considered.
    Thanks for all good work. Regards to admin and all team members…..

  22. Can u plzz reupload POWER all season cuz its google drive link isn’t working PLZZ I HAVE BEEN TRYING FOR TOO LONG NOW

  23. Some of the files of Deception are missing. The link for Wayward Pines doesn’t work.
    Please upload Silent Witness and Rellik. Thanks

  24. Hi, Great Job! Would you please, please, please upload Naruto Shippuden? Thanks, your hard work is appreciated 🙂

  25. Can u upload the series daily on a particular time it’s frustrating sometimes like today you updated Batwomen and Mr.Robot and left the others like Madam Secretary,The Rookie,God Friended Me,etc….So do upload all at once and upload them now faster

  26. Although not fussed by the new ADs process of “I am a human”, it is superior so far to the “I’m not a robot” which used to default after less than a handful of downloads to those picture puzzles which were annoying and hard to visualize on a 14inch laptop screen as they were smaller than a postage stamp.

  27. Please upload the new Riverdale episode and the first Nancy Drew episode, they both aired last night. Thanks for everything you do!

  28. All those damn ADs are now falling apart and one is now after the first CLICK HERE on the first fc/lc page only returns with an an ACCESS DENIED. so no further activity occurs. ALL UP BETWEEN UR NEEDS AND WANTS AND THIS CORRUPT AD SYSTEM THERE IS A HUGE HOLE IN IT AND SHOWS CANNOT BE DOWNLOADED.

  29. HUNDRED CODE or as you call it 100 code (100 is pronounced as one hundred) (with the total wrong picture as another stuff up) has also failed today and arrives at the GOOGLE DRIVE PAGE AS BLANK AND EMPTY with just a note of DROP FILES HERE. Your Greed habit is causing MAJOR FAILURES and needs to be curtailed so that it ALL works before the bottom drops out

  30. The Rookie S01E03 GoogleDrive2 link ENDS up at ZIPPYDRIVE and so does the zippydrive link and YES the GoogleDrive1 link is DEAD, so major stuffup by YOU AND YOU HAVE NOT FIXED AMERICAN HOUSEWIFE S04E02 even after you were told that the video had been left out as the file is only 16MB. YOUR LOSING YOUR GRIP ON EVERYTHING INC the ENGLISH LANGUAGE

  31. Just like others have asked can you upload the missing episodes please
    HenryDanger S05E06 Part 1 A New Evil
    HenryDanger S05E07 Part 2 A New Darkness
    HenryDanger S05E17 Holey Moley
    HenryDanger S05E18 Love Bytes
    HenryDanger S05E19 Double-O Danger
    HenryDanger S05E20 Massage Chair

  32. There is an issue where i cant download files from google drive. It says i dont have permission and that i have to request or sign in via another account

  33. Please fix download for The Orville Season 2, Episode 3-10. Google drive (the only working link for me) requires login.


  35. Hi There thank you for the awesome site once again. And thank you for Martin Can you please upload My wife and kids and Family matters if possible

  36. Hi
    The NCIS LA s10 needs permission to be granted on each episode (please remove this).

    The Hawaii 50 needs permission to be granted but always gives a cannot send request (please remove this).


  37. All of Treadstones episode 2 links have episode 1 file at the end. please upload ep2.
    There’s obviously a lot of traffic on this site and there’s always an odd link which doesn’t work or has the wrong file at the end of it so you should look into a more efficient way for the users to get in touch with you for quick response and fixes. I say this because i notice so many of the comments and queries never go through and a few problems that have been pointed out haven’t been fixed with either the links or the end files. I appreciate your service but we need a quicker means of communication. All of

  38. okay i get that you guys need ads to survive but c’mon you just made it imposiible to download anything the links take me to a home remodelling blog but never actually redirect to google drive even after pressing all the buttons and waiting its redirected me three times can you please have a look at it

  39. fix smallville links not working
    You need permission

    We’re sorry, but we were unable to send the message.

    Please contact the person directly.

  40. Bose – Dead Or Alive Season 1 Complete 480p All Episodes both google link folders are empty
    please fix them or reupload

  41. Flashpoint seasons 1-5

    Also: Scorpion S02E23, S02E24 are in zip files. Please just make these mkv files so I can stream them off google drive.

  42. Scorpion season 4 complete: this folder contains each episode zipped up. Please make this files only and no zip files – then they can be watched off google drive instead of downloaded.

  43. So why do you disable the comments on a lot of shows? Is it because you don’t want to be told that you are A BLOODY STUPID LITTLE MAN WHEN YOU RELEASE THE SHOW – All Rise (2019) S01E06 – AND IT IS ONLY 9.5 MB SO IT TOO SMALL FOR ANYTHING

  44. Hi there, Appreciate your hard work!
    Could you please upload the comedy “Hot in Cleaveland”?
    Thank you

  45. 30 Rock season 7 is not uploaded bro
    It’s always sunny in Philadelphia Season 14
    Please and Thank You

  46. Please upload limetown TV series, it’s Facebook watch original &had 8 episodes.reply me in my comment when you finished upload

  47. Please re-upload the proper Supernatural s15e04… some douche (I’m sure not you) added additional vocal audio. We appreciate everything you do… Thanks!

  48. Min, minta tolong upload LA CASA DE LAS FLORES (The house of the flowers) S01&S02 (2018) produksi Netflix
    Please process min

  49. Admin, Please upload LA CASA DE LAS FLORES AkA. The house of the flowers (2018-) S01&S02, Netflix Production
    Please upload

  50. some folders have both mkvs and zips of the same files, thus “download all” will pack both versions and be twice the necessary size, e.g. Big Mouth s.1+2…

      1. unfortunately that is not possible without a gdrive account. only one file at once is selectable, or all and zipped… maybe consider deleting those double files?

  51. again “lifehomesweet”… 🙁 worst link shortener ever! always throws one back to its root page without forwarding to any download links at all… pleaseplease use another one!!

  52. Black Lightning S03E05: wrong file! just a 2 minute promo instead of the episode, clearly visible by the small file size…

  53. None of the links for the first season of Pose are working. Also most of the links for the second season aren’t. Please fix this.
    If you may, can you upload all the seasons of the 2018 Queer Eye.

  54. Hey,season 3,4,5 of lost girl especially coz it’s shown the google drive doesn’t exist and would be glad if you would fix it soon

  55. Gomorrah season 1 2 3 link to the google drive is not working it says 404 error when i clicked on google drive please fix that asap ..

  56. Resurrection Ertugrul was available before in 720p but now the links are not working please upload it again and this time please in 480p.
    Thanks man you are doin’ great job.

  57. Please upload XIII the series (2 sesons) in 480p version
    and upload Kashmir The Story (Documentary-8 episodes) in 480p versions.

  58. S.W.A.T. S01 E18,E19,E20,E21,E22
    Does not exist in the server of zippyshare and gdrive. Please generate new links.

  59. would be nice:
    The Moodys s01 2019
    Home for Christmas s01 2019
    recent Legacies ep
    generally new shows are more important than old ones

  60. Hey sup. I really appreciate what you are doing. I just wanted to request for Hannah Montana. I think that’s broken. I’ll be really glad if you can update that. I really want to watch it. Respect!

  61. Please upload Australian dramas:
    1. The Family Law (Series 1 – 3)
    2. House Husbands (Series 1 – 5)
    3. Rush (Series 1 – 4)
    4. Doctor doctor (Series 1 – 4)

    Thank you.

  62. Hello, can you please upload How to get away with murder Season 5 as a single link download? Both links on Google Drive are not working. Also, can you please single link upload SWAT Season 1 and 2? Both links are not working either. Thank you! V

  63. Another request: can you please upload Keeping Faith Season 2 in English, please? The original is in Welsh. Thank you. Vic

  64. Whatever Series i try to download.It Shows 404 Error.I complained many times but you didnt even replied to me once.None the links are working.

  65. Every show hosted by Gordon Ramsay, please! Especially like The F Word, Kitchen Nightmares, Hell’s Kitchen, Masterchef

    And Masterclass vids

  66. All your GDrive download links do not work anymore anonymously, now they all require logging in to a Google account… 🙁 can you fix that??? (zippyshare is forbidden in many countries…)