The Hot Zone Season 2 Complete 480p WEBRIP All Episodes

“The Hot Zone (TV series)” redirects here. For the Canadian medical drama originally known as “The Hot Zone”, see Combat Hospital.The Hot Zone is an American drama television miniseries
The Hot Zone examines “the terrifying true story of the origins of the Ebola virus, a highly infectious, deadly virus from the central African rain forest and its first arrival on U.S. soil. In 1989, when this killer suddenly appeared in primates in a scientific lab in the suburbs of Washington, D.C., there was no known cure. A heroic U.S. Army veterinarian working with a secret military SWAT team put herself in mortal peril when she tried to head off the outbreak before it spread to the human population.”

IMDB Reating : 7.9

Download The Hot Zone Season 2 480p WEBRIP All Episodes

  1. The Hot Zone S02E01 – Download 
  2. The Hot Zone S02E02 – Download 
  3. The Hot Zone S02E03 – Download
  4. The Hot Zone S02E04 – Download
  5. The Hot Zone S02E05 – Download
  6. The Hot Zone S02E06 – Download (Season Finale)

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